How the AD industry will evolve in the coming years and how people can get into Ad Film Production – Sarita Chadha

Future is Digital. Let’s compare, today even e-papers are read digitally, people have shifted from print to digital as they are impatient, they want to come to the point immediately. The first 5 seconds have to attract them to watch further. Also due to the content being watched on their smartphones, sometimes they watch on mute, so the ad films have to have a visual impact, as people have started listening with their eyes and not ears.

As far as entertainment is concerned People have a lot of options today, so the content that we make should be as per the target audiences we are catering to, it needs to be fresh, original, and captivating. Seeing is believing, so none of the products/services can be described or sold without a visual description.

Even if we are buying a product of around Rupees 500/- people will read reviews, and at e-commerce sites, if a video of the relevant product is available, the product is purchased easily. Which is why I feel this profession may have competition today, but everyone would have some work or the other, therefore more and more colleges have started offering courses in film making, mass media colleges are offering degree/diploma courses. BUT according to me, practical knowledge only makes you understand this industry.

If you have an eye for detailing, an inquisitive nature, madness for creativity, ready to work at odd hours, and prepared for a ride on a giant wheel where right from scripting to delivery- it’s all by approval of the client/agency.

It’s not a cakewalk, but it’s exactly as awesome as making a cake, patience is the key as it’s not easy to entertain people, to entertain them you have to be seriously involved, so if you are ready to devote your complete life to this mad mad profession and you are mad enough to enjoy frame by frame welcome to this profession called Film making.

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