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How the AD industry will evolve in the coming years and how people can get into Ad Film Production – Sarita Chadha

Future is Digital. Let’s compare, today even e-papers are read digitally, people have shifted from print to digital as they are impatient, they want to come to the point immediately. The first 5 seconds have to attract them to watch further. Also due to the content being watched on their smartphones, sometimes they watch on mute, so the ad films have to have a visual impact, as people have started listening with their eyes and not ears. As far as entertainment is concerned People have a lot of options today, so the content that we make should be as per the target audiences we are catering to, it needs to be fresh, original,...

We are known as the Dream Merchants – Sarita Chadha

Director Sarita Chadha chats with IAD about her successful career in the industry and tells upcoming directors to be deeply involved in work, stay focused and to keep a cool head on the set. Did you always want to be a director? Right from my childhood, art and craft always attracted me. Whenever I got appreciation for my drawings and singing, I thought I’d do something that involves creating and imagined people appreciating me and my work. It was a hobby that turned into a profession. I am still learning. This is who I have always wanted to be. Sarita Chadha during a commercial shoot with actor Govinda Tell us some of the top TV ads/brands...

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