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We are known as the Dream Merchants – Sarita Chadha – Sarita Chadha

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We are known as the Dream Merchants – Sarita Chadha

We are known as the Dream Merchants – Sarita Chadha

Director Sarita Chadha chats with IAD about her successful career in the industry and tells upcoming directors to be deeply involved in work, stay focused and to keep a cool head on the set.

Did you always want to be a director?

Right from my childhood, art and craft always attracted me. Whenever I got appreciation for my drawings and singing, I thought I’d do something that involves creating and imagined people appreciating me and my work. It was a hobby that turned into a profession. I am still learning. This is who I have always wanted to be.

Sarita Chadha during a commercial shoot with actor Govinda

Tell us some of the top TV ads/brands that you have shot and are your favourite?

Some of the top TV commercials and brands are Surya, Su-Kam, Supreme, Sunny Herbals, Springfit, Sunflame… Haha it seems I have great attachment to the alphabet “S”. Seap Films is the name of my production house.

One not so glamorous thing about being in a glamorous industry?

It’s not glamorous for even those who are in front of camera. It’s not as easy as it seems to be. Creativity is something that we put our heart and soul into and then the output is what everyone likes and remembers. To create that piece of art, we spend sleepless nights – which is why it may not be glamorous for us, but the audiences certainly find it glamorous, because we are known as the dream merchants!

Ad films director Sarita Chadha for Riviera Mobile Shoot (Actor: Divya Dutta)

As a woman ad director have you ever had to face gender based discrimination? If yes, has it changed over the years?

Not at all: Once we are working, there is no discrimination. It’s a mind game. You must have heard the saying ‘It’s hard to be a woman, you must think like a man, act like a lady, look like a young girl and work like a horse.’ I believe we are blessed to work like that.

Some of the actors/artists that you have had the opportunity to work with and become friends in the process?

I have worked with great actors including Anupam Kher, Kirron Kher, Govinda ji, Sanjay Mishra ji and Divya Dutta to name a few. They are amongst the best actors who I have worked with and today they are good friends too.

Director Sarita Chadha with husband Sunil Chada, Anupam Kher & Kirron Kher

One tip from you for all the women ad directors?

Tips are not required, but I am sure, if a director is serious about his or her work, they would surely plan their work, have discipline, keep their cool and respect every individual they interact with and get the work done. This is who directors make what they want happen and end up being known for being the captain of the ship forever.

Satish Sharma, Sanjai Mishra, Shyam Lal Navait, Shruti Ulfat, Gopal Shah and Sunil Chadha (L-R) for Supreme TVC!

What are your upcoming projects?

My upcoming projects for now are ad films only for FMCG products, and I am writing a film script which I wish to direct soon.

LONGER Home Appliances ad directed by Sarita Chadha (Actor: Tina Parekh) Seap Films Team

News Source: Indian Ad Divas

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